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Our Clients & Friends

​S​​​​​​​​Mission Viejo Country Club
Holiday Parties; Date Night; Halloween Carnival;

4th of July Festival, Mission Viejo       

Mieko Cochran 
Sammy's 5th B-day Party, San Clemente

St. Catherine Parish School                  
Talent Show; School Dance, Laguna Beach 

Amanda Todd                                              
Shaely's 1st Birthday Party, Garden Grove  

Kristina & Patrick                                       
Hannah & Hope's Birthday Party, Fullerton

Baby's 1st Birthday Party, Yorba Linda             

Jennifer Lissoy                                                
Paige's 11th "Masquerade" Birthday Party, Aliso Viejo 

Girl Scouts                                                                  
Father-Daughter "70's Disco" Dance '10, Laguna Beach 

Aidin Jamali                                                                  
Zack & Zoe's B-day Party, Long Beach                           

Jacquie Cohn                                                                
Molly's 8th "American-Junior Idols" B-Day Party, Laguna Beach

Marian Bergeson Elementary School                                         
1st & 3rd Grade "Year End" DJ Party, Laguna Niguel 

Pam Cruse                                                                
Kyla's 7th "Rockstar" Birthday Party, San Clemente 

John & Dawn Beckley                                              
Amber's Summer Pool Party, Laguna Niguel             

Orange County Super Fair, '09                                  
Fun/Kids Zone Stage, Costa Mesa                           

Natalie Ruiz, THINK Together                                  
Vineyard Elementary School Summer Program, Ontario

Cindy Boyer-Knott 
Cora's 3rd Birthday Party, San Clemente

Edith Cuevas Medoza                             
Mia's 7th Birthday Party, Culver City      

Diana Barnett                                        
Cailyn's 12th Birthday Club Party, Laguna Niguel

Farzeen Mufti                                                     
Yazmeen's 10th Birthday Party, Tustin                

Private Party                                                       
Sydney's Bat Mitzvah, Irvine                               

Hands Together                                                  
Valentines Dance; Princess Party, Santa Ana      

David & Elisa Tierno                                           
Caitlyn's 7th Birthday Party, Fullerton 

Professional Dance Network                
5th Annual Convention & Adjudication ch Party", Costa Mesa

Bergeson Elementary School, PTA                                           
5th Grade "California Dreamin'" Grad Party, Laguna Niguel      

Cheryl Brimmer                                                                       
Nolan's 1st Birthday Party, Garden Grove                                

Nadia Diab                                                                              
Mia's Graduation Party, Tustin                                                 

Lisa Simon                                                                              
Maya's Bat Mitzvah, Irvine                                                      

Terri Bartlett                                                                          
Scott's 12th "Casino Night" B-day Party,Laguna Hills              

Y.M.C.A. of Orange County                                                     
Y-Games, Santa Ana                                                               

Ron Lockridge                                                                        
Caitlyn's 10th Birthday "Club" Party, Long Beach                   

Joy Leffler                                                                            
Milana's 1st "Halloween" Birthday Party, Laguna Niguel        

Private Party                                                                         
Hope's 3rd Birthday Party,San Clemente                               

Darius & Annalee Nabua                                                       
Sam's 1st "Cars" Birthday Party, Yorba Linda                         

Michelle Greer                                                                     
Makenzie's 6th Birthday Party, Newport Beach                    

Lillian Maurici                                                                      
Giancarlo's 9th B-Day "Halloween" Party, Costa Mesa          
Private Party                                                                       
Ryan's "Halloween" Party, Newport Coast                           

Ellie K.                                                                               
Cameron & Kylie's "Halloween" Party, Newport Coast        

Caroline & Steve Johnson Family                                      
Emily's 10th "Beach Club" Party, Newport Beach                

Angie Totolzintle                                                               
Siomara's 7th "Rockstar" B-day Party, Yorba Linda              

Maria Mendez                                                                     
Liam's 1st Birthday Party, Yorba Linda                                

The Peets Family   
Christmas Clubhouse Party, Newport Beach

Lisa Giuchini                                                
Chandler's 10th Birthday "Neon" Party, Los Alamitos

Jennifer Keenan                                                       
Renee's 10th Birthday Party, San Clemente              

Luisa & James Roberton                                           
Jasper's 4th Birthday "Train" Party, Topanga Canyon 

Roxana White                                                           
Kristina's 9th Birthday "Rock Star" Party, Mission Viejo

Step By Step                                                                
Valentines Dance Party , Aliso Viejo                            

Tanya Bonni                                                                 
Arman's 9th Birthday Party, Mission Viejo                    

Laguna Beach Girl Scouts                                            
Girl Scouts "GLOW" Dance '11, Laguna Beach              

Lawrence & Leilani Sayol                                            
Kaitie's 8th B-day Dance Party, Whittier                     

Janet Michell                                                              
Marissa's 11th Birthday Party, San Juan Capistrano     

Michelle & Gage Everson                                            

Gage's 6th Birthday Party, Huntington Beach             

Giracci Vineyards/Laura's House                                 
Fundraiser Dance, Silverado Canyon                          

Professional Dance Network                                      
16th Annual Convention & Adjudication Beach Party, Indian Wells

Dana Zeigler                                                                                   
Hannah's 12th Birthday Pool Party,Santa Ana                                  

Mouna Elkhatib                                                                               
Jonas's 3rd Birthday Party, Irvine                                                    

Judy Desbans                                                                                 
Claire's 8th Birthday Pool Party, Irvine                                           

Mansi Parekh                                                                                  

Neha's 10th Birthday Party, Chino Hill                                            

Sol Frias                                                                                         
Andre Jo's 7th "Mario & Luigi" Birthday Party, Buena Park             

Daphna Hollander                                                                         
Josh & Danielle's 6th Birthday Party, Irvine                                  

Melissa Frias & Suzanne Billik                                                       
Isabella's & Natalie's 11th Birthdays Party, Laguna Niguel             

Bergeson Elementary School                                                        
3rd Grade & 5th Grade End of Year Parties, Laguna Niguel           

Kim Russo     
Cameron's & Riley's (twins) 9th B-day "Disco" Party, Laguna Beach 

Asha Genske                                            
Daisy Troop (Girl Scout) End of the Year Party, Newport Beach

Catherine Park                                                                          
Taylor's 5th Birthday "Princess" Party, Costa Mesa                    

Patricia Rivera                                                                          
Sophia's 7th Birthday Party, Irvine                                            

Lynne Kodzis                                                                            
Karly's "Sweet 16" Birthday "Wig" Party, Santa Ana                   

Ramin Modiri                                                                            
Kimiya's 9th Birthday Party, Mission Viejo                                

Karen Westmoreland                                                               
Cooper's 12th B-day Party, Anaheim Hills                                

The Club @ Rancho Niguel J                                                   
End of Summer Luau, Laguna Niguel                                      

Lynniecia Kusch                                                                      
Jarrod's 10th Birthday Party, Aliso Viejo                                 

Nicholle Aguilar                                                                      
Olivia's 6th Birthday Party, Orange                                          

Jenny Hiroshima                                                                     
Baby's 1st Birthday Party, Torrance                                         
Tracy Morrison                                                                        
Lilliana's 3rd Birthday Party, San Clemente                            

Ashley Lim, ABI Hotel Group, Inc.                                         
Isabelle's Halloween Party, Irvine                                          

Newport Elementary School Foundation                              
Jog-A-Thon, Newport Beach                                                 

Libby's 6th B-Day Party, Costa Mesa                                      

Risana Nowell                                                                       
Haylie's 5th Birthday Dance Party, Huntington Beach          

Newport Elementary P.T.A.                                                  
Halloween Boo Bash, Newport Beach  

Jill Hunt                                              
Newport Shores Neighborhood Halloween Party, Newport Beach  

Christ Lutheran Church                                                                  
La Cristianita Fall Carnival, San Clemente                                     

Candice Wright                                                                              
Keeley's 10th "Rockstar-GLOW" Birthday Party, Rossmoor             

Moulton Elementary School P.T.A.                                                
"GLOW" Rewards Party, Laguna Niguel                                          

Core Four NYE                                                                              
New Year's Eve Party, '11, San Clemente                                      

"675 Club"                                                                                    
Holiday Party, "11, Mission Viejo                                                 

Jean Abbriano                                                                             
Jeni's 14th Birthday "Club" Party, Ladera Ranch                          

Peterson YMCA                                                                            
Valentine Dance, "12, Huntington Beach                                    

Asha Genske                                                                               
Tess's 8th Birthday "Disney" Party, Newport Beach                     

Vanessa Gagliano                                                                        
Emma's 6th Birthday Party, Huntington Beach                           

Melissa Winberry                                                            
Olivia's 5th B-Day "Rockstar" Party, Costa Mesa             

John & Monica McEntee                                               
Isaiah's & Kendra's Holy First Communion, Fullerton    

Laguna Beach Girl Scouts       
Girl Scouts "Outerspace-Galaxy" Dance, '12, Laguna Beach

Kim Palmer                                                                         
Bridgett's 8th Birthday "RockStar" Party, Ladera Ranch      

Neil & Bridget Harness                                                       
Andrew's 11th & Gretta's 9th B-Day Party, Villa Park           

Kira Kuznetsov                                                                   
Alisa's 6th Birthday Party, Ladera Ranch                             

Tutor Time Child Care/Learning Centers                            
Summer Party, Laguna Niguel                                             

Vivian Robles                                                                      
Aiden's 3rd B-Day Party, Fontana                                        

Jennifer Darst                                                                    
Georgia's 1st B-Day Party, Ladera Ranch                             

Newport Elementary School                                              
Disco Dance, '12, Newport Beach                                      

Lynn Jochim                                                                      
Tasha's 5th Birthday Party, Laguna Beach                          

Jaclyn Escueta                                                                  
Robbie's 7th B-Day "Kids Choice Awards" Party, Brea         

Irene Strother     
6th Grade Dance Party, Brea

Allyson & Ray Rassouli         
Reyna's 8th B-Day "RockStar" Party, Huntington Beach

Annunciation Catholic School                                      
Dance-A-Thon, '12, Fullerton

Madelene Shah                                                            
Sienna's 6th "Justin Beiber" B-Day Party, Newport Beach

Laguna Niguel Little League                                            
Closing Day Ceremonies, Laguna Niguel 

Irene Arana                                                                      
Amanda's 6th Birthday Pool Party, La Habra

Bergeson Elementary School & Club at Rancho Niguel    
5th Grade Year End "Island" Club Pool Party, Laguna Niguel

The Peets Family                                                                
Catherine's 7th Birthday "Beach" Party, Newport Beach     

Lupe Licea                                                                          
AJ & Adonay's "Angry Birds" B-day Party, Santa Ana            

YMCA of Orange County                                                      
Y-Games, 2012, Huntington Beach                                      

Arroyo YMCA of Orange County                                           
End-of-Summer BBQ, Santa Ana                                          

Kristina Michaelis                                                                
Brianna's 7th Birthday "GLOW" Party, Irvine                         

Paul & Shelly Stately                                                           
Ava's 8th Birthday Dance Party, Huntington Beach              

Eric & Adriana Kuchel                                                          
Family Carnival, Yorba Linda                                                

Bette Vovan & Ngaio Haupt                                                 
Peyton, Rio, & Everett's 7th B-Day "Surf" Party, Newport Beach

Whittier Area Youth Soccer (W.A.Y.S.)                                        
Soccer Season Opening Ceremony, '12, Whittier                        

Diane Bates                                                                                
Amber's 7th Birthday Party, Irvine                                              

Lisa Wright                                                                                 
Kaitlin's 13th Birthday Party, Laguna Niguel                               

Marzy Troutman                                                                         
Charlie's 1st Birthday "Owl" Party, Mission Viejo                        

Heather Dubrow                                                                        
Labor Day Party, Newport Coast                                                

Julissa Galvan                                                                            
Christian's 7th Birthday "Batman" Party, Azusa                          

The Pegasus School                                                                   
1st Annual Family Fun Day '12, Huntington Beach                     

F.P.A. for Fairmont                                                                     
"50's Sock Hop", Anaheim                                                          

Sunny Foroutan                                                                         
Aynaz's 6th Birthday "Candyland" Party, Orange                        

Helen Musurlian                                                                        
Kayla's 7th B-Day "Rockstar" Party, Mission Viejo                      

Mahshid Khalpari                                                                      
Rachel's 8th "Disney" Birthday Party, Irvine                              

Violet Ward                                                                               
Alexcis's 8th Birthday/Halloween Party, Laguna Niguel             

Melanie Poucher                                                                        
Angelina's 10th Birthday Party, Placentia                                   

Cheryl Brimmer                                                                          
Baby's 1st B-Day "Lady Bugs" Party, Anaheim                              

Mission Viejo Country Club                                                         
Kids Halloween Party, Mission Viejo                                            

Diana Eagar                                                                                 
Laya's 5th Birthday Party, Orange                                                

Keri Long                                                                                     
Carissa's 13th B-Day/Halloween Party, Laguna Hills                     

La Christianita Preschool                                                             
Fall Carnival '12, San Clemente                                                    

Doreen Rodarte                                                                           
Alexandria's 13th Birthday Party, Fountain Valley                        

Newport El School Foundation                                                    
Jog-A-Thon, 2012, Newport Beach                                              

Barbara Schultz                                                                           
Brady's 7th Birthday Party, Seal Beach                                        

Mission Viejo Country Club                                                         
Date Night, Mission Viejo                                                           

Renald & Renee Claudio                                                             
Rea-Emily's 1st B-Day "Minnie's Clubhouse" Party, Alhambra      

Carmel Arches                                                                            
Nia's 7th Birthday "Dance" Party, La Puente                               

Moulton Elementary School PTA                                                 
"GLOW" Rewards Party, Laguna Nigueld                                       

Darcie Almada                                                                             
Holiday Party, Dana Point                                                            

Haleh Anvaripour                                                                         
Ella's 8th Birthday "Rocstar/Super Bowl" Party, Newport Coast   

Girl Scouts, Laguna Beach                                                           
Father-Daughter Dance, '13, Laguna Beach                                 

Naranja Nation-Brad Haney                                                         
Family Fun Day, Newport Beach                                                  

Deborah & Rick Westerlund                                                        
Rick's Retirement Party, Foothill Ranch                                      

Peterson YMCA                                                                            
Parents Night Out Dance DJ Party, Huntington Beach                

St. Catherine of Siena Parish School                                           
Jog-A-Thon '13, Laguna Beach                                                     

Lisa Burke                                                                                    
Disco Night '13, Newport Beach                                                   

Natasha Hart                                                                                
Ellie's 10th B-day "Club" Party, Rancho Santa Margarita                

Shelly Snow                                                                    
Penelope's 7th Birthday "Disco Dance Party, La Habra    

George White Elementary P.T.A., "YEE"                           
"Stars of the Night/Hollywood" Carnival '13, Laguna Niguel

Philip Reilly Elementary School, P.T.A                                 
Family Fun Night, "Sports" Carnival, Mission Viejo              

Pam & Joel Chernoff                                                           
Sarah's 8th "Shake It Up" B-Day Party, Irvine                       

Natalie Donahoo                                                                 
Nicole's 8th "Neon-Glow" Birthday Party, Laguna Niguel     

Aliso Viejo Christian School                                                
Father-Daughter Dance "Neptune's Ball" '13, Aliso Viejo      

Carmen Guerra                                                                     
Matthew's 15th Birthday Party, Garden Grove                      

Barbara Rattigan                                                                  
Harper's 4th B-Day Dance Party, Costa Mesa                        

Minerva Duffell                                                                    
Mindy's Tea Fundraiser "Bethesda Foundation", Cota De Caza 

Kamra Bonnette                                                                      
Maison's 9th Birthday "Neon" Party, Ladera Ranch                   

Smith Elementary School                                                        
Year-End School Carnival, Huntington Beach                          

Tori Rimlinger/Newport Elementary School                            
6th Grade Graduation "Tiki" Party, Newport Beach                     

Lizzie Widhelm                                                                           
Son's 9th Birthday Club Party, Newport Beach                            

Indian Pharmacists Association of CA                                         
Annual Corporate Kids Dance Party, Garden Grove                     

Friends of the Children's Library, Huntington Beach Central Library
"Festival of Folktales", Huntington Beach                                        

Jim & Melissa Lukowski                                                                    
Anneke's 4th B-Day "Princess" Party, Coto De Caza                           

Ericka Rizzio & Susan Baker Cassie & Maddi's "Sweet 16" Birthday Party,


Mission Viejo Country Club                                                              
Family Campout '13, Date Night, Mission Viejo                                

Kristin Bauer                                                                                    
Nathan's 8th Birthday Party, San Clemente                                      

Kathleen Margolies                                                                           
Mikayla's 5th B-Day Princess Jasmine's Party, Dana Point                 

Diana Eegar                                                                                      
Grand daughter's Birthday Party, Orange                                          

Andrea & Chris Lopez                                                                       
Adam, James, & Eric's Birthday Party, La Habra                                

Newport Elementary School                                                             
Boo Bash Dance '13, Newport Beach                                                 

Andy Blanscet                                                                                   
Chase's 13th B-Day "Halloween" Party, Lake Forest                           

Kelly Niemann                                                                                   
Georgia's 8th B-Day "Neon" Dance Party, Fullerton                            

Mission Viejo Country Club                                     
Kids Halloween Party '13, Mission Viejo                  

Elenie Reese                                                           
Nicolette & Ally's Halloween Party, Laguna Niguel 

Tustin Public Schools

Foundation Charity Marathon, Tustin                                       

Lilia Vargas & Javier Gonzalez                               
Ava's 6th B-day 80's Party, Whittier                        

Louise Austin                                                         
Annika's 12th Birthday Party, Yorba Linda              

Haleh Bayat                                                           
Sofia's 9th B-Day "Rockstar" Party, Ladera Ranch   

Jana St. John                                                        
Hannah's 11th Birthday "Neon" Dance Party, Irvine

Aliso Viejo Christian School                                   
Father-Daughter "Midnite in the Oasis" Dance '14, Aliso Viejo

Karren Metzer                                                                         
Samara's 10th Birthday "Rockstar" Clubhouse Party, Huntingyon Beach

Smitha Reddy                                                                                        
Birthday Party, Trabuco Canyon                                                            

Rona Sulimoff
Grayson & Gracie's 14th "Neon-Glow" Party, Seal Beach                       

Karina Barajas-Tamshe                                                                          
Shani's Birthday Party, Upland                                                              

Stacy Holder                                                                                         
Haley's 9th B-Day "Spa Treatment-Karaoke Dance Party, Newport Coast

Rose Abidi                                                                                               
Ariana's 10th B-Day "Rockstar Dance" Party, Anaheim Hills                     

Michele Carmichall                                                                                 
Emily's 13th Birthday "Club" Party, Ladera Ranch                                    

Anokhi Destiche                                                                                     
Ella's 7th Birthday "80's Flashback" Party, Fullerton                                

Bathgate Elementary School PTA                                                           
School Carnival '14, Mission Viejo                                                           

Roz Romero                                                                                            
R.J.'s Birthday "Rock" Party, Alhambra                                                    

Newport Harbor Yacht Club                                                                    
Kids Sailors Sailing Program Party, Newport Beach                                 

Y.M.C.A. of Orange County                                                                     
Healthy Kids Day Community Event 2014, Santa Ana                             

Lake Forest Elementary School                                                              
Family Fun Night 2014, Lake Forest                                                        

Suzie Sweeney                                                                                       
Birthday Rockstar Party, Fullerton                                                         

Philip Reilly Elementary School                                                             
Family Fun Night '14, Mission Viejo                                                        

Basim Gergis                                                                                          
Pierre's 10th Birthday Party, Anaheim                                                    

Sally Hummel                                                                                         
Daughter's "Golden" B-day Party, Capo Beach                                        

New Horizon School                                                                               
6th Grade Graduation Party '14, Mission Viejo

Tonia Osborne 
Molly's 7th & Mara's 5th B-day "Gymnastics" Party, Aliso Viejo 

Friends of the Children's Library Huntington Beach 
Festival of Folktales '14, Huntington Beach 

Lambert Elementary PTO 
Perfect Attendance BBQ Dance, Tustin 

Girl Scouts of Orange County 
Father-Daughter Dance, Anaheim 

Stacy Peterson Newport El PTA 
6th Grade Graduation Party '14, Newport Beach 

Kathleah Jacobs 
Eastshore Elementary 6th Grade Graduation Party '14, Irvine 

Kimberly Williams 
Kelsey's 10th Birthday Party, Yorba Linda 

Connie Kei 
Baby's 1st Birthday Party, Cerritos 

Ramkunar Appahji 
Pragnya 6th Birthday Party, Irvine 

Lido Isle Yacht Club 
Junior Sailing Dinner Dance, Newport Beach 

Tricia Urquico 
Jenna's 7th & Lexi's 4th Luau B-day Party, La Mirada 

Amy Gramlich 
Addison's 8th B-day Rockstar Club Party, Irvine 

Christina Collins 
Brennan's 8th Birthday Party, Irvine 

Kerin O'Leary 
Delaney's "Sweet 16" Birthday Party, Laguna Beach 

Laura Robles 
Arlette's 10th Birthday Party, Baldwin Park 

Laguna Beach Girl Scouts-Missy Palino 
Father-Daughter Dance (Costume Ball), Laguna Beach 

Victoria Cruz 
Lauren's 5th & Darren's 4th Birthday Party, Irvine 

St. Joachim School 
Halloween "Trick or Trunk" Party, Costa Mesa 

C.H.O.C. Children's Metabolic Clinic 
Family Party, Orange 

Little Minds Montessori Academy 
Halloween Carnival, Capistrano Beach 

Alicia Long 
Dylan's 13th Birthday Party, Newport Beach 

Dagan and Atias 
Omri's & Jonathan's 13th Birthday-Bar Mitzvah Party, Irvine 

Tustin Public Schools Foundation 
Dino Dash 2014, Tustin 

Corona Chargers Micro Blue 
End of Year Football Banquet, Corona 

Hanna Wilo 
Aisyah's Birthday-Gradation Party, Irvine 

Nina Dickerson 
Danielle's 12th B-Day New Year's Eve Party, Laguna Niguel 

Miguel Herrera 
Son's 2nd Birthday Sponge Bob Party, Covina 

Susan Fleming 
Jackson's 13th Birthday Party, Dana Point 

Capo Girls Softball 
Opening Day Ceremony, San Juan Capistrano 

Los Altos Elementary 
School Dance, Hacienda Heights 

Saddleback Valley Christian Schools 
School Dance, San Juan Capistrano 

Moulton Elementary School 
Jogathon 2015, Laguna Niguel 

Shevet Tapuz Israeli Scouts of OC 
Costume Party Celebration, Irvine 

Aelorae Qahlwyn 
Abby's 8th B-Day Masquerade Party, Costa Mesa 

David Lee 
Aaron's 4th B-day "Mickey Clubhouse" Party, Yorba Linda 

Smith Elementary School 
5th Grade Graduation "Beach-Island" Party '15, Huntington Beach 

Priscilla Miranda-Colony Park HOA 
Community Event Carnival, Anaheim 

Mariners Church Children's 
Zany Mania Dance Party, Irvine 

Weaver Elementary School PTA 
Dance Party, Los Alamitos 

Capo Girls Fast pitch Softball 
Pancake Breakfast Picnic, San Juan Capistrano 

Newport Elementary School 
Barn Dance & Olympic Field Day '15, Newport Beach 

June Han 
Natalie's 10th B-day Dance Club Party, Villa Park 

New Horizon School 
6th Grade Graduation Party '15, Irvine 

Geneva Children's Center 
Family Fun Night, Laguna Hills 

Newport Shores Community Association 
Halloween Party 2015, Newport Beach 

Michelle Matsumoto 
Baby's 1st Birthday, Irvine 

Lambert Elementary School 
Perfect Attendance Party '15, Tustin 

Debbie Wiederkehr 
Monica's 13th Birthday "Club" Party, Laguna Niguel 

Bergeson Elementary School-Jenny Van Dusan 
5th Grade Graduation Pool Party, Laguna Niguel 

Friends of The Children's Library, H.B. Central Library 
Festival of Folktales, Huntington Beach 

Ashley Knott, Newport Harbor Yacht Club 
Music Monday-Jr. Sailors & Family Fun Night '15, Newport Beach 

Conrad Montoya-Dance Precisions 
Awards Banquet Party, Buena Park 

Little Minds Montessori Academy 
Summer Luau Party, Capistrano Beach 

Isabelle Aoun 
Aleena's 10th Birthday Pool Party, Anaheim Hills 

Diana Eagar 
Ayla's 9th B-Day Pool Party, Orange Hills 

Laura Alterman 
Shira's 7th Birthday Party, Newport Beach 

Geneva Children's Center 
Family Fun Night '15, Laguna Hills 

Carrie Mock 
Meredith's 10th B-day Night Club Dance Party, Yorba Linda 

St. John's Episcopal School 
Family Fun Festival '15, Rancho Santa Margarita 

Northwood Elementary School 
Donation Drive DJ Party '15, Irvine 

Diana Eagar 
Leyah's 8th B-Day Party, Orange 

Newport Elementary PTA 
"Boo Bash" School Dance '15, Newport Beach 

Wendy Kushner 
Samantha's 10th Birthday-Halloween Party, San Juan Capistrano 

Saddleback Valley Christian School 
Fall Festival '15 

Newport Elementary Foundation 
School Jog-a-thon '15, Newport Beach 

Cynthia Stafford 
Jenna's 12th Birthday "Neon" Party, Long Beach 

Anne Allegrette 
Grace's Sweet 16 Birthday Party, Santa Monica 

Cheyrl Brimmer 
Teagan's 1st "Shabby Chic Tea Party" B-day party, Anaheim 

Teresa Lee 
Holiday Party, Laguna Niguel 

Mary Lynn Gaddis 
Zoe's 13th B-Day Surprise Party, Newport Beach 

Girl Scout Troop 1756, Sue Kowalski 
Girl Scout Dance, Huntington Beach 

Capo Girls Softball 
Season Opening Ceremony 2016, San Juan Capistrano 

Sheri Caira 
Hannah's 10th Birthday Party, Laguna Hills 

Linda Govel 
Carli's 8th B-day "Pajama Sleepover" DJ Party, Rolling Hills Estates 

Saddleback Valley Christian School 
Father-Daughter Dance '16, San Juan Capistrano 

Elizabeth Schnell 
Montana's 9th Birthday Party, Rancho Palos Verdes 

Shevet Tapuz 
Israeli Scouts Youth Party '16, Irvine 

Deirdre & Heath Stropp 
Stella's 6th Birthday "Rockstar" Party, San Clemente 

Christ Lutheran School 
Father-Daughter Dance 2016, Costa Mesa 

Phyllis Cohen 
Private Birthday Party, Redondo Beach 

Prisk Elementary School 
5th Grade Grad Dance Party '16, Long Beach 

YMCA of Orange County 
YMCA Summer Field Day '16, Huntington Beach 

Kelli & Cos Lykos 
Kylie's 9th Birthday Party, Newport Coast 

Newport Elementary 6th Grade 
graders Tiki Boat Grad Party '16, Newport Beach 

Kelly Sax 
Taylor's 9th Birthday Party, Glendora 

Naranja Nation & Mighty Corona Nation 
Family Fun Day 2016, Newport Beach 

Julie Henderson 
Daughter's birthday pool party, Los Angeles 

Newport Elementary School, PTA 
School Dance & Field Olympic Day '16, Newport Beach 

Heritage Oak Private Education 
School 80's Dance 2016, Yorba Linda 

St. Catherine of Siena Parish School 
8th Grade Graduation Dance 2016, Aliso Viejo 

Chanit Schauteeten 
Ella's 12th B-Day Bat Mitzvah, Irvine 

KinderCare Learning Centers 
School Closing Party, Las Flores 

Friends Of The Children's Library/H.B. Central Library 
Kids Carnival '16, Huntington Beach 

Jared & Laura Laird 
Katelyn's 5th Birthday Party, Irvine 

Newport Harbor Yacht Club
"Music Monday" Summer Program & Family Fun Night '16, Newport Beach 

Riviera Beach & Spa Resort Vacation 

Family Fun Day Summer 2016, Capistrano Beach                                                                                                                         
Childtime Learning Center

Summer Camp & Family Luau, Brea                                                                        

Jo Hodgetts

Ella's 13th B-Day "Glow" Party, Santa Ana                                                                                                                         
Dance Precisions                                                                                                                       Dance Awards Banquet 2016, Buena Park                                                                                                                   
Geneva Children's Center

End of Summer Party '16, Laguna Hills                                                                                                            
Jacqueline Hoppe                                                                                                                     Caroline's 10th Birthday Party, Santa Ana

Los Altos Elementary School

​Music in Field "Olympics", Hacienda Heights

​St. John Episcopal School

​Family Fun Carnival '16, Rancho Santa Margarita

​Iris Barank

​Maya's 12th B-Day Bat Mitzvah "Masquerade" Party, Irvine

Patrick Henry Elementary School

​Harvest Festival 2016, Long Beach

​Paul  Kornyei

​Halloween Party, Fontana


St. Joachim Catholic School

Halloween "Trick or Trunk", Costa Mesa

​Stacey Manning

​Halloween Party, Laguna Niguel

​Emilio & Ana Vargas

​Mathew's 10th Birthday "Rockstar" Party, Hacienda Heights

Newport El Foundation

​Jogathon '16, Newport Beach

​Montevideo Elementary School, PTA

​School Dance 2016, Mission Viejo

Rania Chami

​Christmas Party, Yorba Linda

St. John Episcopal School

Father-Daughter "Royal Ball" '17 Dance, Rancho Santa Margarita

​Kids "Cardinella" Carnival '17

​Middle School Graduation Dance 2017


​Preschool Prom 2017, Irvine

Maple Hill Community Club

​"Hollywood VIP Family Dance, Diamond Bar

Lanny Purnama

​Alessa's 5th B-Day Party, Orange

Mariam & Shams Sheikh

​Hiba's 10th Birthday Party, Irvine

​​Sharon & Lito Caraang

​1st Birthday "Disney" Party, Anaheim​​

Kimmie Nguyen

Kids "Princess Ball" Party, Tustin

La Habra United Methodist Preschool

​Summer Camp Kids Party, La Habra

Crown Valley Holdings, Sentinel Development

​Easter Garden Party '17, Mission Viejo

Wittmann Elementary School

​Father-Daughter Dance '17, Cerritos

​Girl Scouts of Orange County

​Cruise Ship/Dance '17, Newport Beach

St. Joachim School PTO

​Blue & Gold Day '17, Costa Mesa

​Newport Elementary School, PTA

​School Dance '17, Newport Beach

​Marjan Monfared/ABC Children's Clinic, Inc.

​Ava's B-Day "Cowgirl" party, Mission Viejo

St. John's Episcopal School

​Middle School Dance '17, Rancho Santa Margarita

​McDowell Elementary/Children's Choice Preschool

​Year-End Party '17, Laguna Niguel

Hanieh Tehrani

​Daughter's B-Day Party, Rancho Palos Verdes

Smith Elementary School

​5th Grade End of Year Party '17, Huntington Beach

​Childtime/Learning Care Group

​Summer Camp Party '17, Brea

City Of Riverside, Parks & Recreation

​Summer Camp Glow Parties, Riverside

​Hansen Elementary C.D.C./Karen D'Ingillo

​Summer Camp Dance Party, Anaheim 

Amy Kotschedoff

​Avery's 7th B-Day Pool Party, Coto De Caza

​KinderCare Learning Centers

​Summer Camp Party, Mission Viejo

Robert Eagar

​Son's B-Day Party, Irvine

Lydia Bojorquez

​Alessandro's 10th B-Day Party, Mission Viejo

Paska Yehya

​Malia's 10th B-Day Party, Yorba Linda

Mighty Corona Nation & Naranja Nation

​Angels Stadium Campout, Anaheim

Mission Viejo Country Club

​Annual Halloween Party '17, Mission Viejo

​St. Joachim Catholic School

​Trick or Trunk Halloween Party '17, Costa Mesa

​Newport Shores Community Association

​Halloween Party '17, Newport Beach

Nicole Capeci

​Rocky's B-Day Party, La Habra

Mission Viejo Family YMCA/Big Thunder Spirit Expedition

​Father-Daughter Dance, Mission Viejo

Jennifer & Ed Kim

​Clair's 8th B-Day Party, Glendora

Davis Ink Ltd. & Andrea Krumins
Maya's 7th "Hannah Montana" B-Day Party, Costa Mesa

Ellie Mehdigholi 
Leila & Kassra's 4th & 7th Birthday Party, Lake Forest

Laura Forbis-Sauer
Kaite's 6th Birthday DJ Party, Laguna Beach

 Alis Maynard
Mackenzie's 13th Birthday Party, Lake Forest

Maria Yazdani
Nikki's 12th B-Day Party, Aliso Viejo

Reiko Stauss
Hana and Miya's 8th Birthday Party, Newport Beach

Paige & Greg Gass
Haley's 6th Birthday "Rockstar" Party, Huntington Beach

Heather Hays
Renee's 6th Birthday "PJ" Party, Costa Mesa

University Park Elementary School
1st Spring Carnival, Irvine

Tutor Time Learning Centers
Summer "Sneak Peek" Day; Dance Party, Laguna Niguel

Sharon Pegollo
Birthday DJ/Karaoke Party, Yorba Linda

San Joaquin Elementary School P.T.A.
Family "Disco Night", Laguna Hills

Bhavna Singh
Birthday "Fun in the Sun" Party, Irvine

Mission Viejo Elks Lodge
Special Kids X'mas Party, Mission Viejo

National Pediatric Support Services
U.S.M.C. Kid's Party, Costa Mesa

Amy David
Sarah's 15th Birthday Party, Laguna Niguel

Karey Palmer
Neighborhood Block Party, Coto De Caza

Step By Step Preschool
Open House; Valentines Dance, Lake Forest

Stephen Foster Elementary PTA
Karaoke Party, Lakewood

Smith Park Baseball
Pony Baseball BBQ Party, Pico Rivera

Spring Party, Anaheim

Cordillera Elementary School
School Carnival '09 & '10, Mission Viejo

Diana Barnett
4th of July Block Party, Laguna Niguel

Christy Lea
Baby Dedication Reception, Irvine

Bergeson Elementary School PTA 
2nd &4th Grade End of Year Party, Laguna Niguel

Rose Malijan
1st Birthday Party, Yorba Linda

Annunciation Catholic School 
End of Year School Party, Fullerton

Mission Viejo Country Club
Family "Camp Out" Night, Mission Viejo

Kavous Gitibin
Delara's 6th Birthday "Beach Club" Party, Irvine

Bonnie Vaccaro
Christian's 8th Birthday Party, Laguna Beach

Heather Hansberger
Makaelee's 7th & Ty's 5th B-day Party, Newport Beach

Renee Strampello
Chandra's 7th B-Day "Rockstar" Party, Laguna Niguel

Danitza Johnson
Loren's 10th "Dance Party" Birthday, Ladera Ranch

Caroline & Steve Johnson Family
Elyse's 7th "Clubhouse" B-Day Party, Newport Beach

Paul & Chris Brown
Ava's 5th "Halloween Costume B-Day Party, Rossmoor
Jill & Mason Hunt
Halloween Party, Newport Beach

Sam & Giovanna Tsouloufas
Pontelis's 13th & Marci's 9th B-day Parties, Westminster

Jessica Markossian
Sophie's 1st "Lady Bug" Birthday Party, Huntington Beach

Francesca & Tom White
Ava's 5th Birthday Party, Irvine

Jennifer Lissoy
Paige's 12th Birthday Party, Aliso Viejo

CC-SO-CAL-Orange County
Holiday Party, '10, Mission Viejo

Jodee & Jess Carbonel
Jewel's 1st Birthday Party, Mission Viejo

Thayra Rothweiler
Avery 5th & Alec's 8th Birthday Party, Whittier

Steven Ko
Michelle's 9th Birthday Party, Fullerton

Private Party
Anastasia's 5th B-day "Princess" Party, Anaheim

Private Party
Joseph's 1st Birthday Party, Fullerton

Y.M.C.A. of Orange County
"Rock Star" Dance Party Fundraiser, Santa Ana

Danitza Johnson
Loren's Girls Basketball Team Party, Ladera Ranch

Monica Paz
Tiffany's "Costume" Graduation Party, Tustin

St Catherine of Siena Parish School
Jog-A-Thon '11, Laguna Beach

Tutor Time Learning Center

Kids Dance Party, Laguna Niguel

Andi Racunas
Brooklyn's 6th Birthday Party, Newport Coast

Nicoletti Family
Kian's 1st Communion Party, Fullerton

YMCA of Orange County
Y Summer Games '11, Santa Ana

St. John The Baptist Catholic School
8th Grade Graduation Picnic,Costa Mesa

Elham Safaei
Molina's & Roxanna's 12th B-day Club Pool Party, Aliso Viejo

Tami Telson & Laurel Provezaro

5th Grade Class Graduation Party, Santa Ana

Sena Denktas
Gunes's 11th Birthday Party, Ladera Ranch

Christ Lutheran Church
End of Vacation Bible School Party, San Clemente

Mission Viejo Country Club
4th of July Picnic, Mission Viejo

Harbor Day School
Class of 2018 1st Grade Grad Party, Corona Del Mar

Debi Kellermann
Travis's 5th Birthday Party, San Juan Capistrano

Joy Leffler
Summer "Luau" Party, Silverado Canyon

Kirsten Antonius & Christine Groner
Foothill High School, Class '91 Reunion, Irvine

Arshia Roohian
Family House Party, Laguna Beach

Susan G.Komen 5k, "Kids Zone", Newport Beach

Juana Perez
Ian's 3rd B-day "Star Wars" Party, Buena Park

Jessica Markossian
Sophie's 2nd "Hello Kitty" B-day Party,Glendale

Jorge Busciglio 
Sofia's 13th B-day Dance Party, Irvine

Minnie Gant Elementary PTA
Welcome Back School Picnic, Long Beach

Danielle Purcell
Britton's 8th B-Day Rockstar Dance Party, Laguna Hills

Jodie Cerruti
Lia's 9th B-Day Party, San Juan Capistrano
Cherryl Baker
Emma's 11th Birthday Dance Party, Orange

Lilia Vargas
Ava Sophia's 4th Birthday Party, Whittier

Rosa Mystica Cruz Lopez
Mystic's 1st Birthday Party, Buena Park

Kathrina Chin
Missy's 8th Birthday Rockstar Party, Newport Beach

Dionne Lanz
Lilli's 9th "Glam-Rock" Birthday Party, Whittier

Nerissa Silao (Reese)
Halloween Party, Cypress

F.C.C., So Cal, Orange County
Holiday Party, '11, Mission Viejo

Tracy Wynn
Olivia's 8th Birthday "Rockstar" Party, Laguna Niguel

Bergeson Elementary School P.T.A.
"GLOW" Rewards Party, Laguna Niguel

Bita Ashrafi
Kamran's 8th Birthday "Rockstar Party", Coto De Caza

Jennifer Waters
Tannin's 9th Birthday "Rockstar" Club Party, Aliso Viejo

Thayra Rothweiler
"Whittier Trojans" Football Banquet, '12, Whittier

Danielle Purcell/Chris Barry
St. Mary's Mom & Son Dance, '12, Aliso Viejo

Aliso Viejo Christian School
Father-Daughter "Jungle Jam" Dance, '12, Aliso Viejo

Kristy & Max Ollendorff
Amy's & Emily's 8th Birthday Party, Santa Ana

Haleh Bayat
Sofia's 5th Birthday "Princess Clubhouse" Party, Ladera Ranch

Lad 'n Lassie Pre-school
Summer Kick-Off DJ Party, Whittier

Cathy Golden
Caitlyn's 7th Birthday "Rockstar" Party, Laguna Woods

Jennifer Lissoy
Brooke's "Sweet 16" Birthday Party, Aliso Viejo

St. Catherine of Siena Parish School
Jog-A-Thon, '12, Laguna Beach

Melissa Durant
Taylor's 9th & Eli's 8th "RockStar/Karaoke" B-Day Party, Laguna Beach

Danitza Johnson
Girls Basketball End of Year Party, Ladera Ranch

Tamara Smith
Luna's 5th Birthday Party, Seal Beach

Jessica Steelberg 
Emma's 6th Birthday "80's" Party, Irvine

Cindy & Elvin Cervantes
Chloe's 7th "RockStar Princess" & Connor's 4th "Star Wars" B-Day Parties, Brea

ChildTime Learning Centers
Spring '12 Party, Santa Ana

Goldstein Family
Lainey's 6th "Club G Dance Party, San Clemente

Ranch View Elementary School, PTA
Father-Daughter Dance '12, Ontario

Tina Klafke
Jiordan's 13th Birthday Party, Yorba Linda

Kristina Dufek
Delaney's 5th B-Dday "Indian-Country" Party, Huntington Beach

Tijeras Creek Elementary School
School Carnival Fundraiser, Rancho Santa Margarita

Charity Kick-Off for Susan G. Komen & C.H.O.C., Costa Mesa

Fairmont Private School
Last Day of School Party, Anaheim

Donya Dobkin
Ryan & Logan's Party, Newport Coast

Susan Mendez
Isabella's 7th B-Day "Peace & Love" Party, Garden Grove

Azza Gaballa
Sarah's "6th Grade Graduation" Party, Irvine

Hyundai Cancer Institute at CHOC's Children's
Courageous Kids Celebration, Orange

Centralia School District
End of Summer Dance Party, La Palma

Valerie Garcia
Diego's 9th B-day "Club" Party, Huntington Beach

Tammy Guliano
Allie's 5th B-Day "GLOW" Party, Huntington Beach

Clint Maldonado
Trevor, Pamela, & Malia's Graduation Party, La Mirada

Mission Viejo Country Club
4th of July Celebration, Summer Picnic, Mission Viejo

Jackie Robinson Academy
8th Grade FUN DAY, Long Beach

Kristen Greene
Tatum's 13th "GLOW-NEON" B-Day Party, La Habra

Robert Contisk
Catherine's 8th Birthday "Club" Party, Ladera Ranch

Karla Votroubek 
Neighborhood Block Party, Laguna Niguel

Boys & Girls Club, Laguna Beach-TLC Branch
End of Summer Party/Luau, Laguna Beach

Minnie Gant Elementary School PTA
"Back to School Picnic '12, Long Beach

George White Elementary School, PTA
Ice Cream "50's" Social, Laguna Niguel

Vijay Patel: Indian Pharmacists Association
Association Annual Party '12, Garden Grove

Charmaine Virola
Connor's 1st "Dr. Seuss" Birthday Party, Pomona

Nick Leighton
Sophie's 5th "Shake It Up" B-day Party, Irvine

Jamie Donovan
Ava's 9th B-day "One Direction Backstage Pass" Party, Huntington Beach

Shauna Atchity
Katy's 10th Birthday "Funky" Party, Laguna Niguel

Olga Filbergerg
Stella's 9th B-day "Rockstar" Party, Laguna Niguel

Newport Harbor Nautical Museum/Explorer Ocean
Halloween Family Fright Zone, Newport Beach

Usha Gunesan
Sandhya's 8th Birthday/Halloween Party, Ladera Ranch

Newport Shores Community Association/Jill Hunt
Neighborhood Halloween Party, Newport Beach

Debra Salazar
Son's 6th Birthday Party, Colton

Caroline Casey
Charlottes B-Day "Club" Party, Orange

Heather Pratt (mom)
Ashley's 7th Birthday Party, Newport Beach

Farzeen Mufti
Aleena's 10th B-Day "Sock Hop" Party, Tustin

Rick Griffin
Taytum's 13th Birthday "Club" Party, Mission Viejo

Christine Berry
Emma's 8th B-Day "Dance Party", Torrance

Truc & Huyen (Chuck & Christine-7 Day Dental)
Carlen's 3rd Birthday "Spiderman" Party, Newport Coast

Jessica Rosenstein
Sidney's 6th B-Day "RockStar" Party, Cypress

Y.M.C.A.-Laguna Niguel/Capistrano Beach
Adventure Princess Father-Daughter Dance, San Juan Capistrano

Ana Rodriguez
Alanis's 9th "Rockstar" Birthday Party, La Habra

Kristine Pham
Sidney's 10th B-Day "Horse" Party, Rossmoor

Eduardo Hipolito
Ella's 7th B-Day "Rockstar" Party, Lake Forest

Charles & Grace Castro
Mathew's 7th & Kaitlyn's 4th B-Day Party, Cerritos

Bergeson Elementary School
5th Grade "BullDogs" Year End Grad Party, '13, Laguna Niguel

Victoria Smith
Jaqlyn's 14th Birthday Party, Mission Viejo

Stacy Holder
Hayley's 8th B-Day "Rockstar-Fashion" Party, Newport Coast

Brandy Donelson
Ciara's 8th Birthday "Dance" Party, Garden Grove

Rachelle & Mike Silzer
Brooklyn's 7th & Londyn's 4th Bi-day Party, Fullerton

St. Edwards Daisy Girl Scout
Year End Party, Dana Point

Tricia & Jon Van Halren
Eryn & Katilyna's "Soda Pop Club" B-Day Party, Tustin

Mission Montessori
Summer Program "Dance Party", Mission Viejo

Harbor Day School
60th Anniversary School Picnic Celebration, Corona Del Mar

Christina Bogossian
Giovanna's 9th "Glease" Birthday Party, Irvine

Boys & Girls Club of Laguna Beach TLC Branch
End of Summer Party, Laguna Beach

Shaily Ryali
Nikitha's 6th Birthday Party, Buena Park

Brian Lim/Belvedere Properties
Sienna's 6th B-Day Dance Party, Laguna Niguel

Tara Hagen
Luci's 8th & Lola's 6th Birthday Party, San Clemente

Denise Saldana
Anthony's 6th B-Day "Justin Beiber-Hollywood" Party, San Juan Capistrano

Stacie Capobianco/El Morro Elementary 5th Grade Grad
Year End Graduation Pool Party, Laguna Beach

Glenny Ramirez
Tezza's 1st Birthday Party, Garden Grove

Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church, Knights of Columbus
4th of July Knights Party, '13, San Clemente

Avery Pursell
Zoe (11th) & Sophie (8th) B-Day "Hollywood-Glam" Party, Sherman Oaks

Meher Mehrok
Meher's 6th Birthday Party, Irvine

Colony Park Party Committee
Community Bar-B-Q, Anaheim

Alexis Tran
Summer Party, Fountain Valley

Joy Leffler
Summer Luau Party, Laguna Niguel

Minnie Gant Elementary School
Welcome Back Picnic '13, Long Beach

Birthday Party, Irvine

Canyon Rim Elementary PTA
Family Fun Night "80's Dance", Anaheim Hills

Grace Chang
Cameron's 5th B-Day Party, Torrance

Ponderosa Elementary School
Assemblies "Sports/Fitness", Anaheim

Jadeed Mehrok
Meher's 6th Birthday Party, Irvine

La Christianita Preschool
Fall Carnival '13, San Clemente

Melanie Poucher
Halloween Party/40th B-Day, Placentia

Newport Shores Community Association
Halloween Party '13, Newport Beach

Tracy & Dan Rudderow
Abigail's 6th Birthday "Rockstar" Party, San Clemente

Brooke Willems
Bryce's 9th Birthday Party, Newport Beach

Abel Flores
Emily's 10th Birthday "Dance" Party, Placentia

Lisa Giunchini
Chandler & Rachel's 13th B-Day "Black 'n White" Party, Rossmoor 

Mission Viejo Country Club
Date Night, Mission Viejo

Capo Girls Fast Pitch Softball
Opening Day Ceremony 2014, Ladera Ranch

Robert & Gloria Kessler
Jaden's 9th B-Day Clubhouse Party, Newport Beach

Laguna Beach Girl Scouts Service Unit #1
Father-Daughter Dance '14, Laguna Beach

Anjali Nabar
Uma's 6th B-Day "Rockstar" Party, Irvine

Shawna McEntee
8th Grade Class Graduation Party, Brea

Family-Kids Party, San Clemente

St. Catherine of Siena Parish School
Jog-a-thon "14, Laguna Beach

Newport Elementary PTA
Disco "Western" Dance, Newport Beach

Naranja Nation Indian Princess
Family Fun Day "14, Irvine

Corey Lunde
Eli's 5th B-Day "Star Wars" Party, Orange

Prisk Elementary School
5th Grade Promotion Party, Long Beach

Bergeson Elementary School
5th Grade Graduation Pool Party, Laguna Niguel

Palisades Elementary School
"Me & My" Gal School Dance '14, Capistrano Beach

Brandy Donnelson
Ciara's 9th Birthday Party, Garden Grove

Anaheim City School District
100 Mile Club Event Jogathon, Anaheim

Jelena Berkovich
John's 1st Holy Communion, Rancho Palos Verdes

San Gabriel Valley YMCA
After-School Program Year End Party '14, West Covina

Kelly Ilczyszyn
Sidney's Party, Newport Beach

St. Catherine of Siena Parish School
8th Grade Graduation Party '14, Aliso Viejo

Smith Elementary School
5th Grade Class Graduation Party '14, Huntington Beach

Truman Benedict Elementary School/Lisa Carrera
5th Grade Graduation Party, San Clemente

McDowell Elementary School
End of Year Carnival '14, Laguna Niguel

George White Elementary School PTA
End of Year Carnival '14, Laguna Niguel

Tami Telson
Arroyo El 5th Grade Promo Pool Party, Santa Ana

Palisades Elementary School, PTA
5th Grade Sock Hop Dance '14, Capistrano Beach

Newport Harbor Yacht Club (Ashley Knott)
Family Fun Night, Newport Beach

Eddie Nash Foundation, Camp To Belong Orange County
Birthday Party, Orange

Hawa Latif
Birthday Party, Mission Viejo

Naddours Ornamental Iron
Company Picnic 2014, Orange

Emerald Bay Wahoos Swim Team (Stacy Holder)
Swim Team Banquet, Laguna Beach

Peterson YMCA
Y-Games '14, Huntington Beach

Karla Votroubek
Summerwalk Community Block Party '14, Laguna Niguel

John S. Malcom Elementary School, PTA
Back To School Luau, Laguna Niguel

Kelsey Winterbottom
Macy's 9th Birthday Karaoke Party, San Juan Capistrano

St. John Episcopal School
Family Fun Festival '14, Rancho Santa Margarita

Geneva Children's Center
Harvest Festival, Laguna Hills

La Cristianita Preschool
Fall Carnival '14, Capistrano Beach

Wonderland Bakery
Halloween Private Party

Lizbeth Ahumada
Julio's 10th & Jessica's 7th B-day & Halloween Party, Irvine

Newport El School Foundation
Jog-A-Thon '14, Newport Beach

Melissa Ingalsbe Birthday Party, Long Beach
Capistrano Valley Christian School
End of the Year Party '15, San Juan Capistrano Valley

Caroline Casey
Ruby's 9th B-day-Karaoke Club Party, Orange

Rhonda Weinmeister
Hailiee's 10th B-Day "Puttin' on the Ritz" Party, Laguna Hills

Lisa Massion
Clara's 7th & Brianna's 6th B-Day "Neon-Dance" Party, Rossmoor

Dwelling Place Family Church
Kids Ministry Dance Party, Hemet

Roxana White
Kristina 13th B-Day Glow Dance Party, Mission Viejo

Wittmann Elementary School
Father-Daughter Dance, Cerritos

Aliso Viejo Christian School
Father-Daughter Dance, Aliso Viejo

Pre-School Prom, Irvine

Stacy Henigsman
Brialle's 10th Birthday Dance Party, Los Alamitos

Kathy & Paul Dao
Andrea's 8th Birthday "Frozen" Party, Westminster

Kathy Adams
Brooke's 10th Birthday "Under the Sea" Party, Huntington Beach

Amir & Jasmine Tajalli
Persian New Year Celebration, Laguna Niguel

Cory Lunde
Eli's "Willy Wonka" Birthday Party, Lakewood

Little Minds Montessori Academy
Summer Luau Party, Capistrano Beach

Naranja Nation & Mighty Corona Nation Y Indians Program
Family Fun Beach Day 2015, Newport Beach

Ministry Mission Viejo Country Club
Date Night Kids Party; 4th of July GameGuy, Mission Viejo

Lisa Burns
Sidney's 11th Birthday Pool Party, Newport Beach

St. Catherine of Siena Parish School
Jog-a-thon 2015, Laguna Beach

Philip Reilly Elementary School
Family Fun Night "Luau" '15, Mission Viejo

McDowell Elementary School
End of the Year Party '15, Laguna Niguel

Prisk Elementary School
5th Grade Graduation Party '15, Long Beach

Heather Young
Piper's 5th Birthday Party, San Clemente

Elham Sharif
Ava's 12th Birthday Pool Party, Irvine

Paska Juncaj Yehya
Malena's 10th B-Day Pool Party Luau,Yorba Linda

Shoreh Rahbarnia
Sahar's 8th B-Day Party, Anaheim Hills

Anissa Pistone
Ava's 6th B-day Party, Orange

Newport El Class of 2015-Tina Lipkowski
6th Grade Graduation Tiki Boat Cruise Party, Newport Beach

Candace Hoover
Hayden's 8th Birthday Pool Party, Huntington Beach

Jill Hunt
Newport Harbor High School Class '90 Reunion, Newport Beach

Elenie Reese
Nicolette's Graduation Party, Laguna Niguel

Tina Ladva
Nilani's 3rd B-day 80's Party, Irvine

Andrea Young
Josh & Andrea's B-Day Party, N. Tustin/Santa Ana

Madelene Shah
Estelle's 11th Birthday Party, Malibu

John S. Malcom Elementary School
Back To School Luau, Laguna Niguel

Los Altos Elementary School
"Music in the Fields", Hacienda Heights

Lydia Bojorquez
Alessandro's 8th B-day Party, Mission Viejo

Tracy Specter
Sage's 10th Birthday Dance Club Party, Newport Coast

Tracie French
Allison's 10th Birthday Pool Party, Irvine

Anjani Vasson
Ariana's 8th B-day "Neon-Glow" Party, Santa Monica

Melissa Embry/Homeschooling OC
Halloween Dance, Irvine

La Cristianita Preschool 
Fall Carnival '15, Capistrano Beach

Newport Shores Community Association
Neighborhood Halloween Party '15, Newport Beach

Tustin Public Schools Foundation
"Dino Dash" Fundraiser 2015, Tustin

Tijeras Creek Elementary PTA (Kelley Hadireza)
Color Run Jogathon '15, Rancho Santa Margarita

Karen Ditteaux
Grace's 7th Birthday "Neon/Glow" Party, Newport Beach

Lisa Massion
Clara's 8th & Briana's 7th Birthday Club Party, Rossmoor

Kristin Vitale
Kirille's 10th Birthday "Surf" Party, Newport Coast

Dee Gordon
Alyssa's 10th Birthday Party, Laguna Niguel

Los Altos Elementary, PTA
School "Super Hero" Dance 2016, Hacienda Heights

Aliso Viejo Christian School
Father-Daughter Dance 2016, Aliso Viejo

Pre-School Prom 2016, Irvine

Helen Wittmann Elementary School, PTA
Father-Daughter '16 Dance, Cerritos

Sharon Su
Addy's 10th B-Day "Rockstar" Party, Pomona

Tijeras Creek Elementary
Cast "Annie Jr. the Musical Play" Party, Rancho Santa Margarita

Los Altos Elementary, PTA
"Friday Night Live" DJ Dance Party, Hacienda Heights

Heritage Oak Private Education
Cast Party '16, Yorba Linda

Yolla Elkhoueiry
Chloe's 1st Communion Party, Fullerton

Bergeson Elementary School, PTA
5th Grade Graduation Pool Party '16, Laguna Niguel

Heather Liwski
Cailyn, Hailey, & Tate's 5th Grade Grad Party, San Juan Capistrano

Maple Hill Elementary, PTA
Student DJ Party, Diamond Bar

Lambert Elementary School
Perfect Attendance Party 2016 & School Closing Party, Tustin

Heather Young 

Piper's 6th B-Day/Halloween Party, San Clemente

Eric Underwood
Annisa's 12th B-Day Party, Yorba Linda

Susan Fleming
Jackson's 14th B-Day Party, Dana Point

Weaver Elementary School, PTA
Family Fun Day 2016, Los Alamitos

Laura Knapp
Son's 1st Communion Party, Long Beach

KinderCare Learning Centers
Summer Kick-Off Party & Summer Camp '16, Ladera Ranch

Laguna Beach Girl Scouts-Missy Palino
Father/Special Person-Daughter Dance '16, Laguna Beach

Del Obispo Elementary School, PTA
5th Grade Graduation Dance Party '16, San Juan Capistrano

McDowell Private School
Year End Carnival '16, Laguna Niguel

Smith Elementary School
5th Grade Graduation Party '16, Huntington Beach

Renee Kerr & Rose Engbarth
Amelia & Avery's 11th "Golden" B-Day Party, Mission Viejo

​Maria Wren

Victoria's B-Day/Farewell Party, Altadena 

                                                                                                  MissionViejo Country Club
Date Night, Mission Viejo

Lisl Schulte
Presley & Brucee's ; Porter's Birthday Party, Garden Grove

Glendora Country Club
Club Swim Team Party, Glendora

De Luz Family Housing
Community Kids Carnival, Oceanside

Amanda Todd
Parents' 40th Anniversary Party, Lake Forest

Tustin Public Schools Foundation
Dino Dash Fundraiser 2016, Tustin

Ralph Ortiz

Valentina's 6th B-day "Zootopia" Party, Granada Hills

Joel & Gina Newman

​Rachael's 11th B-day Party, Dana Point

​Lydia Bojorquez

​Allesandro's 9th Birthday Party, Mission Viejo

​Naranja Nation & Mighty Corona Nation, Newport Beach

​Angels Stadium Campout, Anaheim

Armando & Daniela Barragan

​Daughter's 7th B-day Party, Monrovia

Newport Elementary School, PTA

​Halloween Boo Bash Dance, Newport Beach


​6th Annual Trick or Treat Pumpkin Dance Party '16, Mission Viejo 

Newport Shores Community Association

​Annual Halloween Party '16, Newport Beach

​Dan & Emily Imler

Kate's 10th B-Day Surprise Party, Dana Point

Tijeras Creek Elementary School PTA

​Jingle Run Fundraiser '16, Rancho Santa Margarita

​Alex & Carolyn-Frog Prince Productions, Inc.

​Daughter's 8th B-day Cowboy/Western Party, Toluca Lake

​Lisa Baker

​Girls Slumber PJ Party, Manhattan Beach

Saddleback Valley Christian School

​Father-Daughter "Winter Wonderland" 2017 Ball, San Juan Capistrano

​Peters Canyon Elementary School, PTA

​1st Annual Daddy-Daughter Dance 2017, Tustin Ranch

Ting Sung

​Keira's 5th B-day "Pokémon" Party, Pasadena

​Erica Hardin

​Haylee's 6th B-Day "Disco" Party, Winchester

​​​Chaparral Elementary School, PTA

​Father-Daughter "Western Country" Dance 2017, Ladera Ranch

Jennie Bonahora

​Sophia's 10th B-Day Party, Costa Mesa

Naranja Nation & Mighty Corona Nation

​Family Fun Day 2017, Newport Beach

​Mira Catalina Elementary School, Christine Armstrong

​5th Grade Grad "Luau" Party '17, Rancho Palos Verdes

​Geneva Children's Center

​Summer Bash '17, Laguna Hills

​Bergeson Elementary School, Paula Yousef

​Annual School Carnival '17, Laguna Niguel

Dee Gordon

​Alyssa's Graduation Party, Laguna Niguel

Maple Hill Elementary School

​Hawk Walk Bubble Party '17, Diamond Bar

Weaver Elementary School PTA

​Dance Party/Family Night at Bookfair '17, Los Alamitos

Kathy Adams

​Peyton's 10th B-Day Party, Huntington Beach

​Tijeras Creek Elementary School, PTA

​School Carnival, Rancho Santa Margarita

Mira Catalina Elementary School, Christine Armstrong

​5th Grade Grad "Luau" Party '17, Rancho Palos Verdes

St. John's Lutheran School

​8th Grade Graduation Dance '17, Orange

​Heritage Oak Private Education

​Summer Camp Party '17, Yorba Linda

​La Habra United Methodist Preschool

​Kids Summer Camp Party, La Habra

​Newport Harbor Yacht Club

​Jr. Sailors Summer Camp Party '17, Newport Beach

Glendora Country Club

​Swim Team Banquet Party '17, Glendora

​Y.M.C.A. Mariners Branch

​Summer Camp DJ Dance Party, Newport Beach

​Geneva Children's Center

​Summer Bash '17, Laguna Hills

Zeina Baz

​Alexandra's 6th B-Day Party, Irvine

St. John Episcopal School

​Summer Social '17, Rancho Santa Margarita

​Middle School Dance Social

​Gisela & Edward Schultz

​Wedding, Laguna Beach

​Fargol & Chad McAfee

​Friyana's 7th $ Elika's 5th B-Day Parties, Corona Del Mar

​Laguna Beach Girl Scouts Troop 145

Father/Special Person-Daughter Dance '17, Laguna Beach

Newport Elementary School, PTA

​Boo Bash Halloween Dance '17, Newport Beach

Griffin Club Los Angeles

​Halloween Party, Los Angeles

Tustin Public Schools Foundation

​Dino Dash '17, Tustin

​Newport Elementary Foundation

​Jogathon '17, Newport Beach

Lisa Massion

​Clara's 10th & Brianna's 9th B-Day Parties, Rossmoor